magic color led skis-凯发88

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magic color led skis

you read that right

it's not a screen, it's a slide! snow! board!

and the most tech-savvy skis ever made

it never rains but it pours

magic color led skis(图1)

friends, the future is close at hand!

decentralization, hyperloop, wearable smart devices...

and, of course, slide-smart devices

magic color led skis(图2)

magic color led skis(图3)

with the implementation of flexible screens

technology reduces the size of products

built-in ic led perfect support

the bottom of the programmable board is no dream

magic color led skis(图4)

magic color led skis(图5)

the world's first programmable led board bottom

magic color led skis(图6)

magic color led skis(图7)

the appearance of built-in ic led

the future is only a whim

you can freely switch your plate bottom pattern

i'm even more motivated to try something new