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ktv / bar site atmosphere design

there are different design methods for stage lighting in different occasions

our lighting designers can specially design the stage lighting for your occasion according to your scene. stage lighting is an important part of the composition of performance space. it is the artistic creation of lighting design of various visual environment for characters and required specific scenes according to the development of plot, and with the purpose of reproducing the design intention to the audience in the way of visual image. the background light of the folk dance should be strong and gorgeous, and the top light and surface light should be white or light, mainly to highlight the costumes, expressions and posture of the actors, and to highlight the dancers with light catching. modern dance has increased computer lights, strobe lights, smoke machines and other special effects equipment, timely use of chase lights to highlight the lead, lead and accompany singing; for song singing, according to the mood and clothing to determine the background color, the performance is not easy to change often, the top light and light is easy to use light, if the number of performers is small, the use of light to narrow the stage outline. opera literature and art to highlight the colorful clothing and makeup, ganyu bar light bar, so multi-white or light, with light to highlight the actor's expression and gestures, but should not be too strong, so as not to cause reflective paint. at the scene of instrumental concert, the conductor and solo should be highlighted according to the plot, and overhead lights and face lights should be used to enable the audience to see clearly the musicians, instruments and performance techniques. when necessary, lamps should be equipped to enable the performers to see clearly the score. the audience should maintain appropriate brightness so that the audience can see clearly the program list.