①  1. signal break-point continue transmission
a parallel double signal line transmission method is adopted to add one more signal line on the original basis.in the case of single pixel damage, does not affect the overall color of the display.it have the function of signal break-point continue transmission.
② programmable
using the compound nrz protocol and rgb three-channel method, it can be programmed according to the features of various products: multi-color breathing, colorful water flow, chase gradual change etc effect.
③individually addressable
except having the function of signal break-point transmission, each led is individual pixel,it can realize the function of individually addressable, positive pole, negative pole, double signal 4pin circuit, each led is a group of circuits.
④ width application
signal break-point transmission magic led strip , it is suitable for automatic equipment shelves indicator light, high-rise building lighting, glass car decoration light, park playground public facilities lighting, site lighting renovation, exhibition stage bar decoration.

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