dc5v xt1511 rgb 8*8 pixel home decoration led pixels panels -凯发88

①  high quality
?    using high quality smd led with integrated ic xt1511-rgb produced by jercio-tech, and fpcb to make flexible pixel screen. using dc5v ,have the function of  safe and stable, small size, low light decay without chromatic aberration,so it can replace traditional led screen .
② programmable
each led all have 16.8 million colors adjustable,and it can use nrz control agreement, also can realize video display,picture font display, fireworks water drop simulation, running horse water lamp a variety of effects.
③ width application
xt1511-dc5v-flexible panel pixel screen is small in size, light in weight, low in power consumption and long in service life, which is widely applicable to luminous clothes, unit information department that is, commercial supermarket on-board advertisement, school museum teaching demonstration, hotel ktv stage atmosphere lighting, household appliances counter renovation, smart home, diy research and other fields.

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