①  built in drive ic full color four in one effect
using xt1511-rgbw four in one and full-color led which is researched for competing european and american markets.using communicate ic, and add rgb led to make rgbw four-channels.it have three white color can choose, warm white(2500k) ,nature white(4500k) and cool white(6500k).
 ②one bring two design
in sop8, there are two conventional sop6 lamp strips for inner package ic. as a pixel point, the three led replace the complex ic lines of the old external communication, which can achieve various 3d dazzle effect while ensuring the stability of the product.
③2.    easy cutting
single line to zero code communication protocol, rgbw four-channel programming, alternating the magic color and pure white light, presenting different running water, chasing meteor, breath gradual change, burst and other multiple effects.
④ width application
suit for many kind of place such as hotel, ktv, city lighting, car light , christmas design, tv effect design. car etc kind of lighting design.

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