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①  high brightness:
using jercio xt1511 series, 2427-rgb smd led,low power consumption, no glare, high quality and brightness, safety and environmental protection, silicone hard rubber impact resistance, more safe and reliable use.
② programmable
each led have 256 gray level adjustable,it have more than 16 million kinds of color, single line series signal , each led all is one pixels, easy programmable, can change effect accord request .
③ easy cutting
fpcb has unique design features, the board surface is simple with high quality, each led all is a pixel,it use with a capacitance. and each led all is a set of loops..
④ width application
the 2427 series led strip can be installed in a narrow and small space. it is suitable for using in the fields of high pixel screen, office building animation display in shopping malls, interactive teaching products, household appliances and furniture lighting, storage equipment and automatic equipment indicator light.

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