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xt9822 is a two-wire transmission channel three (rgb) driving intelligent controlcircuit and the light emitting circuit in one of the led light source control.products containing a signal decoding module, data buffer, a built -in constantcurrent circuit and rc oscillator; cmos, low voltage, low power consumption;256 level grayscale pwm adjustment and 32 brightness adjustment; use the doubleoutput, data and synchronization of the clk signal, connected in series eachwafer output action synchronization.



top smd internal integrated highquality external control line serial cascade constant current ic; 5vapplication; default on electric lights;


controlcircuit and the rgb chip in smd 5050 components, to form a complete control ofpixel, color mixing uniformity and consistency;


the two-wire synchronous control.


the three rgb output control, 8bit (256) color; 5bit (32)to adjust the brightness;


the three constant current drive, self detection functionspecific signal


the maximum frequency of 30mhz serial data input


the double data transmission,built-in support uninterrupted oscillation pwm output, can maintain a staticimage.

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