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xt1506s is a smart led control circuitand light emitting circuit in one controlled led source, which has the shape ofa 5050 led chip. each lighting element is a pixel, and the intensities of thepixels are contained within the intelligent digital interface input. the outputis driven by patented pwm technology, which effectively guarantees highconsistency of the color of the pixels. the control circuit consists of asignal shaping amplification circuit, a built-in constant current circuit, anda high precision rc oscillator.


the data protocol being used isunipolar nrz communication mode. the 24-bit data is transmitted from thecontroller to din of the first element, and if it is accepted it is extractedpixel to pixel. after an internal data latch, the remaining data is passedthrough the internal amplification circuit and sent out on the do port to theremaining pixels. the pixel is reset after the end of din. using automaticshaping forwarding technology makes the number of cascaded pixels withoutsignal transmission only limited by signal transmission speed.


the led has a low driving voltage (which allows forenvironmental protection and energy saving), high brightness, scattering angle,good consistency, low power, and long life. the control circuit is integratedin the led above.



top smd internal integrated highquality external control line serial cascade constant current ic; with theinput signal detection function


control circuit and the rgb chipin smd 5050 components, to form a complete control of pixel, color mixinguniformity and consistency;


the built-in ring oscillator(800mhz) support uninterrupted free-run modulation output, maintain thefunction of static image


built-in data shaping circuit, apixel signal is received after wave shaping and output waveformdistortion will not guarantee aline;


three constant current drive, eachdriving current 17ma; gray level adjusting circuit(256 leveladjustable)


the maximum frequency of 800khzserial input data


double data transmission, datawith phase-locked regeneration, cascade data transmission up to 1024 pointlight source.


with http functionality, do not need to write addresscode;


led port 17v drive voltage;

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